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U8 & U9 Pre-Academy Travel Program

U8 Pre-Academy Travel Program

Coach: Professionally Licensed Downstate FC Staff Member

Fall and Spring Training: 2 75-minute training sessions per week

Winter Training: 2 60-minute indoor training sessions per week

Fall and Spring League: NYCSL/EDP 5 vs. 5.

Indoor Tournaments: 3x Indoor Tournaments in NY or NJ 


Our U8 Downstate Futures Program is a great introduction to competitive soccer.  Our 4 vs. 4 model that we use will ensure your player is getting a significant amount of touches during gameplay and develops a confidence for 1 vs. 1 situations.  Our year-long curriculum focuses on progressive technical development that is challenging but, most importantly, a lot of fun!

U9 Pre-Academy Travel Program

Coaching Staff: Professionally Licensed Head Coach & Assistant Coach (when available)

Fall & Spring: 2 90-minute training sessions per week 

Winter: 2 60-90 minute training sessions per week.

League: EDP Fall & Spring League (7 vs. 7 format)

Outdoor Tournaments: 3x Outdoor Tournaments (Tri-State Area)

Indoor Tournaments: 3x Indoor Tournaments in NY or NJ


Our U9 Pre-Academy Travel Program is a fantastic progression from our U7-U8 programming.  We progress to the 7 vs. 7 model, which will continue to have a heavy technical focus for optimal skill development.  Players are learning basic tactical concepts of soccer within gameplay settings.  Our youth teams will compete in EDP, which will bring a strong level of local competition to challenge and develop our players.